StoryMaker – A Great Website from the Carnegie Library

Have you thought of spending some time this summer writing your own book? Well here is the tool to help. Just click on Storymaker and pour your ideas on to the pages provided. I have mine there to get you started. Have fun and have your mom or dad email me to let me know your story is up.

Click on this graphic which will take you to Storymaker. Enjoy!
Your screen will look like this, just remember the parts of the story, setting, characters, plot, resolution to the problem and bingo. You are done. Exciting and colorful!


How to Classify Your Mentor Texts

Follow these guidelines to help you classify your mentor texts into three categories.  First is the text used for IDEAS.  This type of text helps the teacher and the learner to develop ideas for writing.  The second type of text has to do with structure.  This type text is useful for lifting of the STRUCTURE by the student for creating new student texts. The third type of text is for the CRAFT model, that the student would be able to imitate in writing  his or her own text.

See attached for more indepth explanation and example: