Personification Lesson

Teaching personification to the children in third grade can be an exciting way to introduce writing free form poetry rather than teaching forms. It is also a great way for the students to see beauty of word choice which poetry so often does for writers at this stage of development.  Today (2/17/2011), we read “The Voice of Dawn” by Erica Fairchild.

 The Voice of Dawn

The Voice of dawn

Whispered as it crept

Through the blackness,

Its silvery voice

Breaking the shadows.

 The students then wrote their renditions which will be added in the comments section.  I shared my poem to give them an example of an object from the classroom to personify.  

 The Voice of the Flag

Mrs. Frego

The voice of the flag

Whispered as it waved

Ever so gently, above the heads of the children

It said,

”Love your neighbor as yourself and be loyal to the truth that all men are

Created Equal!”

 Using the above lesson, we will research Earth Day, when it was started and what Mother Earth feels, thinks, says, smells, as global warming threatens valuable resources.