Learning About Ourselves and Others through Puppetry

Mrs. Frego’s Third Grade S.T.A.R.S (Safe, Trying Our Best, Awesome Attitudes, Respect for Ourselves and Others, Students) were able to enjoy a wonderful learning experience centered on both developmental and learning disabilities. Through the use of a Japanese form of puppetry, Mrs. Laurie Cameron and James Williams presented information about some of the more common disabilities through a program known as the New Kids on the Block. Through play and discussion this awareness program made the children aware of the differences of children with disabilities, but also hopefully made each child sensitive to the needs of others, physically, socially, and emotionally. Through an awareness of differences, children hopefully will also see the commonalities of all children and the uniqueness each individual has to offer.

Thank you to the Cerebral Palsy Association for this wonderful presentation and to the presenters who presented these delicate subjects in a positive way.

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