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We are a living history adding to the twenty first century a community of techy learners, meta-cognitive learners, learners learning to make text-to-self connections, text-to-text connections, and text-to-world connections.  While we aren’t much different that our grandparents and parents were as children, the world we know as school is drastically changing into a new place, one where playgrounds are now mounds of steel and ropes, where libraries not only house books but also online data bases and resources rich in color and vivid words, where the number of students and ages of students has evolved, where school rules now incorporate new tools, and where teachers were thought to have all the facts, now they are equally learners, confident only in evolving processes of teaching and learning.

History – new tools to reach within seconds to our neighbors across the ocean.  How different! New solutions to age old problems.

Here is a new tool which helped us to achieve the goal of teaching others what we have learned using

Country Report Glog Requirements


Websites to Expand Our Horizons

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