PBWiki in my classroom

Wiki Space in the Classroom

Wiki – What is a wiki?  A wiki has many definitions depending on the teacher and the objectives that each is hoping to achieve.  For me, the wiki is a way to provide my students a space for “real writing” as Katie Wood Ray would say.  Too often, the writing that has been done in classrooms has an end, a purpose of someone other that the author.  All too often it never is published and therefore the motivation to revise and edit seems lost. 

What I have found through my own personal use of the wiki and in reading  studies done at Stanford University is that when we use collaborative or posted sites, students seem to take genuine interest in revision and often go beyond the expectations of the teacher, therefore taking on the role of author with an intended purpose, audience, and voice.

So this was the confirmation for me.  Secondly, when placing the challenge online to my students who are only third graders with mixed abilities, I found many going back to revise and edit.  Revision is usually something students in the third grade think of as editing, but this tool has changed that.  In conjunction with the SmartBoard, it offers the best in educational tools.  This is just one of the many WEB2.0 tools that many will access beyond the walls of the school building. 

 Why pbworks.com?

After visiting several wiki sites and talking to other educators, I found this site to be a safe collaboration site for elementary students, where collaboration and development is monitored by the teacher. Visitors to the site are also limited to those who have a vested interest in the children. 

 Uses of the Wiki:

While I am still experimenting, I continue to see valid use of the site, meeting many educational objectives.  It supports the NYS Learning Standards for reading, writing, listening, and soon with an added plug-in to include speaking. 

Wiki Samples:



http://www.grandviewlibrary.org/ThirdGradeWikis.aspx a library site






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PBWiki Innovatorshttp://meetinnovators.com/2008/06/19/david-weekly-from-pbwiki/


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  1. Again, this year, PBwiki serves to ignite the reading and writing process in my classroom. I encourage all teachers to take a chance on your students and yourself in using this tool of the 21st Century.

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