A Yellow Weed Inspires Us – Poetry Inspired

Today the children in the third grade wrote a poem using a mentor text by Lilian Moore whose title Yellow Weed. the children listened as I read the poem which is one created with a sense of an echo. The poem is an ode which comes from the early Greeks, meaning to sing. In this poem through asking questions one is taken on a journey of the seed, singing to it high praises.

How did you get here,
Who brought your seed?
Did it lift
on the wind and
and drift
from a far and yellow
Was your seed a burr that
clung to a
furry tail?
Did it fly with a
who liked to feed
on the tasty
of the yellow
How did you come?

One student who lead us in our sharing of our writing was Tristen Cuthbert. Tristen’s poem was written to Snow White, or white snow.

How did you get here?
How did you get here
Did you drift from the sky
and go past the clouds,
and wave
on by?
Did you blow all over
and cover our world?
Did you come from up high?
I bet you tossed, twirled,
and swirled.
Did you come from heaven?
Did you fly like in a flurry?
Did you come to our world
making everything look blurry?