Sites for Rock Cycle and Identification Research

Two of the most important cycles you will learn about in science class are the rock cycle and the water cycle. For now let’s examine the rock cycle and it significance.

Rocks are books that are written literally in stone, made of composites of minerals, some rare and often unique.  These are the substances that have a history of their own and it is up to us to observe and recreate the story they have to tell. Enjoy the adventure.  I hope your findings will fascinate you about the many wonders of the earth for a lifetime.


Earth Floor

USGS Geology in the Parks

Geological Time Line

Children’s Museum GeoMyssteries

Mineral and Gemstone Kingdom

Geomystery   Identify the Object: Is it a rock, mineral, or a fossil?  See where your search takes you.  How good was your prediction?  Was it one based on prior knowledge? If so, what was it? 

 Idaho Public Television Dialogue for Kids

2 thoughts on “Sites for Rock Cycle and Identification Research

  1. Hello everyone,

    What an interesting topic to learn about! What rocks have you learned about so far? I think it is cool how rocks can tell a story. It’s amazing how old some rocks are and the stories they can tell. Our first topic this year is all about how our brain works and how we learn.

    We start school on Friday 1st February so we’ll be able to start our blogging activities soon. Hope you haven’t changed your minds!

    Happy learning 🙂
    Miss Crowther (& 3/4C)

  2. Thank you for visiting our site. We are really looking forward to the learning community we will create. Together we can explore and write about the world around us.
    Many thanks, Mrs. Frego and her Third Grade S. T. A. R. S!

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