Writing A Summary

Mini Lesson for writing summaries 12/13/2010
Writing a Summary, using Aimee Buckner’s Notebook Know-How; Strategies for the Writer’s Notebook (Stenhouse Publishers, 2005)

1. Who? – Who is the main character? Who are the other important characters?
2. Wants what? – The main character has to want something to make the story interesting. What does the main character want in the story?
3. But? – But what happens? What gets in the way of the character getting what he or she wants? This is the problem of the story and it must eventually be resolved.
4. So? – So what does the character do to try to solve the problem? What works for the character? What doesn’t?
5. Then? – And then what happens? How is the problem solved? How does the story end?

Food Factor Team Challenge 2011


Team Challenge 2011

Food Factor

1. Today your job, as a scientist, is to research one food item and its journey to your table.  Define one problem your food faces and any possible contamination as well as recalls.  Research ways to avoid or prevent food contamination.

2. Name at least one scientist who has worked on the food contamination problem.

3. Research to define the problem

4. Create an innovative solution

5. This solution must be presented in 5 minutes or less with emphasis on team involvement and enthusiasm for the research and discovery.

6. Be sure to list your resources.

7. Your project may include posters, slide shows, video clips, and/or other media.

Team Challenge 2011

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