Reflections on Teaching and Learning in the Classroom

The things that I love about teaching are the unique little faces and expressions each day as I introduce my students to the patterns in the world around them. Using these patterns we create classroom dialogues, writing, and understandings of the uniqueness of the world whether in mathematics, reading, or writing.  Making connections, no matter how minute are precious. Each year brings a fresh start to each individual to blossom again as a teacher, learner, and lover of communication.

StoryMaker – A Great Website from the Carnegie Library

Have you thought of spending some time this summer writing your own book? Well here is the tool to help. Just click on Storymaker and pour your ideas on to the pages provided. I have mine there to get you started. Have fun and have your mom or dad email me to let me know your story is up.

Click on this graphic which will take you to Storymaker. Enjoy!
Your screen will look like this, just remember the parts of the story, setting, characters, plot, resolution to the problem and bingo. You are done. Exciting and colorful!


I Have Great Expectations for You!

Great Expectations
~Author Unknown

It’s time to say good-bye
Our year has come to an end.
I’ve made more cherished memories
and many more new friends.

I’ve watched your child learn and grow
and change from day to day.
I hope that all the things we’ve done
Have helped in some small way.

So it’s with happy memories
I send them out the door,
With great hope and expectations
for what next year holds in store.

Have a great summer! Remember to get lost between a few pages! Remember when you are tired of the heat, find a sunny spot in the library.  Try this book out and see if you can mimic it with one of your own.