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Dear Parents and Friends of the Third Grade S.T.A.R.S, please know that our webpage is still up and running.  I just felt that to get information to you from any location, the blog is better suited for that purpose.  I also feel that you will have all of the same links on the new site that you had on the old, plus comments by your children.  In May, I will be adding student blogs to the main blog as links.  Enjoy the change and let me know what your feelings are about the change. 

Mrs. Frego and the Third Grade Students, who are Safe, Trying their best, with Awesome Attitudes, Respectful of themselves and others welcome your comments and thank you for stopping by. 




Changing Paradigm of Education: Teaching in a Child’s Space

Be inspired by the videos that follow to create a space of respect for educating children in the medium of the world they live in, the world in which they are comfortable, and in which they are able to act as engineers of an ever changing world.  Collaboration and communication, these are the tools of a quality education. 

  1. http://youtu.be/UEHNhcdyMtc
  2. Animation of Sir Ken Robinson : TED    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zDZFcDGpL4U&feature=player_embedded#at=52
  3.  http://www.ted.com/talks/roger_ebert_remaking_my_voice.html  Roger Ebert regains his dignity and voice through technology


As We Celebrate Earth Day Let Us Remember Our Neighbors in Japan

Let us think of ways to bring the beauty back to the people in a land who have lost those near and dear. Let us offer our blessings to them as they rebuild their landscape.


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http://pro.wordtravels.com/  code : 5a2

http://pro.wordtravels.com/ code : 5a2


Personification Lesson

Teaching personification to the children in third grade can be an exciting way to introduce writing free form poetry rather than teaching forms. It is also a great way for the students to see beauty of word choice which poetry so often does for writers at this stage of development.  Today (2/17/2011), we read “The Voice of Dawn” by Erica Fairchild.

 The Voice of Dawn

The Voice of dawn

Whispered as it crept

Through the blackness,

Its silvery voice

Breaking the shadows.

 The students then wrote their renditions which will be added in the comments section.  I shared my poem to give them an example of an object from the classroom to personify.  

 The Voice of the Flag

Mrs. Frego

The voice of the flag

Whispered as it waved

Ever so gently, above the heads of the children

It said,

”Love your neighbor as yourself and be loyal to the truth that all men are

Created Equal!”

 Using the above lesson, we will research Earth Day, when it was started and what Mother Earth feels, thinks, says, smells, as global warming threatens valuable resources. 

Leading Us Abroad and At Home: Hillary Clinton

While we may not advocate Twitter for younger students as a tool for social networking or communication, it certainly is a tool that connects professionals in a unique way. For me, Twitter has opened up windows to the world beyond my wildest perceptions. As a teacher, I look at Facebook as a family and friend communication tool, one that keeps you close without regard to actual distance. Linkedln serves as the social communication tool that connect you to your professional colleagues to aide you in collaboration about your work. Twitter on the other hand is your communication with  individuals you don’t know but wish you had been close to in high school or college, but those that you follow for ideas and information to keep up in an ever changing world.

Hillary states and supports all of this so well speaking before a group in California remarking that “Innovation is one of America’s greatest values and products…..That’s why the United States in the Obama Administration is such a strong advocate for the “freedom to connect.”

View this videos to see these remarks and more that indicate development involves using these tools of communication which will make a difference in innovation and opportunity. She states and gives evidence of how, regardless of interests, technologies that connect the human mind with human mind make for a better tomorrow, just as they are doing in the world we live in today!


Innovation and Technology Lead to a Better Today and Tomorrow


Internet Freedom: Hillary Speaks Out for America