A New Form of Poetry: Diamante

Today, the students were introduced to a new form of poetry, the diamante. Together, we went through the features of what makes up a diamante, talking first about the etymology of the word. This enabled the students to see the derivation that supports the structure of this poetic form.
Together as a model of the form, the third graders wrote the following poem:
Brightest Star

Flaming hot
Exploding, Rising, Turning
Biggest star in our universe
Rising, Shining, Descending
Cold, Lifeless

Check to see future videos of the students reading their poems.


Poetry Through the Use of Mentor Text, Every Time I Climb a Tree


Making Text to Self Connections through Mentor Texts

Making Text to Self Connections through Mentor Texts

An exciting mentor text is one where the reader can make connections.  Today, the students were easily able to connect to the poem, Every Time I Climb a Tree from David McCord’s book of poetry.  Creating poems such as Every Time I Go to School, Every Time I Ride A Bike, Every Time I Write a Poem, and Every Time I Get A Goal were the outcomes of using this mentor text, first looking at the patterns and then recreating in their own student voices.

Aiden became immersed in the verse, saying he had created a Jeff Foxworthy poem- Every Time I Think Too Hard.  Stay tuned to see the video of this presentation.

Thanks to David McCord, along with other children authors  for being our mentors, helping us to create voices of our own, helping us to create images through choice words, and helping us to experience joy in listening to the many connections that readers and writers make. 

Readers really are the writers! So read, read, and read!

 My Movie Every Time I Climb A Tree

Untitled from Carol Frego on Vimeo.

Untitled from Carol Frego on Vimeo.

Learning about an Orchestra, Concert at Hosmer Hall

On Friday, March 18th the third and fourth grade classes attended a special presentation by the New York Orchestra, at Hosmer Hall. This was a special event much due to the work of our new K-6 music teacher, Kay Caldwell. We thank you, Mrs. Caldwell.  I would also like to extend a thanks to our parent volunteer, Mrs. Shelby Fisher.

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How to Classify Your Mentor Texts

Follow these guidelines to help you classify your mentor texts into three categories.  First is the text used for IDEAS.  This type of text helps the teacher and the learner to develop ideas for writing.  The second type of text has to do with structure.  This type text is useful for lifting of the STRUCTURE by the student for creating new student texts. The third type of text is for the CRAFT model, that the student would be able to imitate in writing  his or her own text.

See attached for more indepth explanation and example:


Limericks, Words That Seem to do an Irish Jig!


Mentor Text - varied version of Jack and the Beanstalk

Writing workshop is always exciting due to the vast number of mentor texts available.  While I usually try to instill free verse to encourage the writing process, it is that time of year to introduce poetic form, rhyme, and rhythm.  For this lesson in writing LIMERICKS, I chose the book, The Giant’s Toe, by Brock Cole and limericks by Paul B. Janeczko.

Check back for upcoming links to third grade voices.